Warranty Management

warranty management flow

SCoT' un-clonable tagging technology ensures guaranteed protection against counterfeiting. Protection starts right from the point of application in your factory premise through the supply chain. Customers can verify originality during purchase at a PoS or even in their home through service or field engineer replacing parts.

When faulty parts need to be replaced, customers can register a complaint (using usual channel) and then scan the security sticker using our App. Once originality of part is guaranteed, service engineer can make a visit to replace the original part. This not only enables tracking authenticity of product being replaced, customer' piece of mind, it also ensures that field engineer makes a trip only when authenticity is confirmed, saving valuable resource time

Tangible Benefits

Use SCoT to experience

Increase Sales

Detecting fakes will automatically result in increase of Spare/After market parts to match demand

Prevent Customer Switching to Competitors

Experiencing original products will lead to improved brand goodwill.

Cost Reduction

Authenticate Returns Instantly. Avoid Replacement of Duplicates as Customers now have the option to verify before purchase.

Improve Resource Utilization

Customers verify parts to be replaced to help Customer Service team respond better.

Centralized Tracking

Visibility from Centralized / Divisional Offices, Access Controlled.


Track Reports of Location-wise Assessment on Attempted Inward Movement of Fakes

Every product is different


Make the replacement process simple using non-disputable security technology

Per-piece Unique Signature

RUDS creates Per-piece Unique Digital Signature out of identical labels allowing instant & precise authentication. Your forward and reverse logistics is covered with non-clonable signature. 

Supply chain Grade Label

Branding, Supply chain grade label material and longevity to support shelf-life are key aspects considered when manufacturing SCoT labels. Handle warranty with confidence and not on luck.

Monitor Returns

SCoT Management and Tracking Platform (SMTP) allows real-time management, tracking of field events. Stay informed of goods as they are being returned to your distributor, warehouse or even return center. Detect any warning sign, cancel warranty of a particular item or even a lot.


Let our App be your guide to ensure authenticity in returns across supply chain. Engage experts for supervision and escalations only. Increase team productivity.


Alert stakeholders and customers of any fakes detected anywhere in the world. Use the power of social media to bring out any specific retailer engaged in selling counterfeit goods. Create reward schemes to improve brand engagement.


Compare current warranty claims, with easy to download data from our monitoring portal, against past claims. Measure decrease in warranty claims helping improve your bottom line.


Increase your sales, reduce support cost and improve brand image

Security of Things (SCoT)

Security of Things (SCoT)