Securing Supply Chain with Patent-Pending Digital Signature Technology

At NOOS Technologies, our single minded focus is multi fold. Replacing use of tracking technologies to provide security services is on top of the list. Ability to combine multiple aspects of packaging to leverage a Single Secure technology is next.

Security of packaging is often the most neglected aspect of most brands until the negative impact on revenue and profits start showing up. Being a bottom line item, cost of technology / solution becomes the predominant factor in selection of one. This is in addition to the need for use of multiple solutions to address - Tracking, Consumer Engagement and other digital services that are required in addition to counterfeit detection / protection.

At NOOS, we have generated the most secure fingerprint technology till date capable of generating ~16.8 billion unique signatures. With randomized algorithm to generate these, it is impossible to regenerate the same signature which is coupled with a unique static code. This coupling of static code with a dynamic code cannot be generated with certainty, even by us.

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RUDS - The Game Changer Packaging Security Technology

SCoT - our solution leverages this fingerprint technology to drive multiple services like Track-Trace, Authentication, Consumer Engagement and many others using a security check. The result of the security check is used to drive different variations of each services including insights collected for further analysis and action.

As a Enterprise-grade product, SCoT is available as SaaS (hosted) and private hosting in corporate data center (DC). SCoT offers integration capability with any external system using API based.

SCoT can also be leveraged for Warranty, Product recall, handling Sales returns among other use cases all tightly coupled with Track-Trace platform. SCoT is one of the only 3 companies globally that can support Counterfeit and Tampering detection using digital technology. All other players use specialized material to drive this resulting only in visual authentication and no automated discovery.

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NOOS Technologies is a privately held startup recognized by DIPPT, Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka. We are keen to partner with investors who would like to partake in our vision towards a next generation security code that will drive the supply chain of tomorrow.