Tamper evidence

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Tamper-evident labels with non-clonable security signature to prevent re-use.

Auto-Acquired Signature on Application

RUDS creates Per-piece Unique Digital Signature out of identical labels only when applied on a product or package. This random signature generation capability ensure that every application even with the same label on same package will always lead to change in signature. Now can it get any better?

Labels That Blend Well

Beautifully crafted to blend in with your packaging, and matches the ruggedness needed to handle your supply chain. SCoT labels are customized for destructibility surface / substrate, shelf-life, endurance in Supply chain, regulatory & legal requirements as well as being environmental friendly,

Continuous Tracking

Track authentication with every change of hand in your supply chain in real-time. SCoT Management and Tracking Platform (SMTP) helps you stay connected and view tamper detection in your supply chain, across the globe.


Scanning SCoT label is as easy as scanning a tracking code like barcode, only using a smartphone with no special reader. But don't let the simplicity fool you. Incredible powerful algorithms power our app for accuracy and speed.


Alert stakeholders and customers of any fakes detected anywhere in the world. Use the power of social media to bring out any specific retailer engaged in selling counterfeit goods. Create reward schemes to improve brand engagement.


Compare current warranty claims, with easy to download data from our monitoring portal, against past claims. Measure decrease in warranty claims helping improve your bottom line.

"Auto-Acquired Signature on every application without special material. Now that is Disruptive Technology."

Unique and Evident

Special material, packaging help only till they are available easily (even as a spare one to use) because technology helps reduce cost for all, including for those involved in tampering. SCoT labels are not just tamper-evident, they auto acquire signature when applied on a package. This auto-acquired signature technology ensures that even identical labels or even the original one can not be re-used to prevent tamper detection.


Increase your sales, reduce support cost and improve brand image

Security of Things (SCoT)

Security of Things (SCoT)