Supply chain management is complex.

Adding different digital touchpoint on packaging makes it even more.

UNI - A Secure Universal Product Identifier

A Non Clonable Secure Product Identifier unique that serves as a digital twin to disparate digital systems.
Global Track & Trace
  • Secure Universal Product Identifier (UNI) generated for each item produced/manufactured
  • UNI serves as a single identity to track the supply chain across disparate systems
  • Aggregate view of each product item through EOL
  • Use for Sales Returns & Product Recall (reverse supply chain)
Warranty Management
  • Secure Universal Product Identifier (UNI) generated for each manufactured item
  • Single identifier to bind multiple systems including 3rd Party POS
  • Service centers (self-owned, franchise, vendor) all use the same identifier to connect by way of scanning
Consumer Engagement
  • Authenticates the originality of product before rewarding consumer
  • Consumers have access to Loyalty points across sales channel
  • Brands have better visibility into channel effectiveness region-wise
Anti Counterfeit System
  • Secure Universal Product Identifier (UNI) generated for each item produced/manufactured
  • Verify Authenticity across supply chain
  • Can be used by Staff, 3rd Party Investigators, Law Enforcement, Customs
  • Generate insights like Distribution channel effectiveness, Regional Supply - Demand gap




Every product is susceptible to counterfeiting. Counterfeiting and its closely related siblings are playing havoc everyday in our lives. Receiving fakes when paid for original. Jobs are lost as original brand owners struggle in their race with counterfeiters. Lives are lost when a unsuspecting consumer consumes a "counterfeit" life saving drug or when the brakes in the car is not as original.

consumer trust deficit


SCoT simplifies establishing product authenticity - Any Place, Any Time. Establishing authenticity no longer requires domain expertise.

Our expert system abstracts details to make verifying authentication as simple as taking a picture. Fingerprint generation, matching and consumer notification is completed under 5 seconds.


SCoT uses distributed workload computing to calculate product "fingerprint". The computation power of smartphone allows "fingerprint" to be computed and compared to a stored version in a secured cloud system. The authenticating user is shown the results under 5 secs while a unique tracking event is sent to the secured server to serve as input for business intelligence and decision support system.

changing paradigm of packaging security
Real Time Intelligence update


SCoT provides real time intelligence through its centralized secured server. The biggest advantage of these events is they come classified with authentication result. This additional information provides necessary classification to categorize the event beyond location and time.

Every authentication event is shared using intelligent data packets to the central server (SMTP). These events can be displayed on a heat-map or good-old table format for holistic understand and data slicing. Every event depending on its outcome can trigger a sequence-event. The sequence-events can be on the same system or another system like a CRM or ERP or as simple as triggering an alert.



SCoT allows generating one-way fingerprint only, i.e. fingerprint can be generated from an image. In short, it is not possible to generate an image, given a fingerprint. This behavior is similar to digital signatures created where an encrypted text can never be de-crypted to return the original "clear" text.

RUDS-ULTIMA can generate 16.5 billion (1.65e+10) unique fingerprints from a single image printed on a label. With every product with a unique fingerprint, SCoT is the safest packaging security technology on the planet. The other good news - no change; SCoT does not require any change in your existing packaging.

industrial deployment


Adopting SCoT for high value product or high volume product is easy. SCoT is available in label form or printable image. Standard label applicators can be used for applying SCoT labels. Variable printers (inkjet, digital press) can be used to print images on the product / package directly.


SCoT supports latest RESTful API which helps with any system. SMTP (SCoT Secured Management & Tracking Platform) allows integration with external hosted systems and internal systems alike. Data can be exchanged using API (Application Programming Interface) or data download job or a simple secured FTP.

A truly bi-directional systems enables SMTP to act as a middle-ware, front-end or back-end system depending on your enterprise system architecture.We believe that Open Systems enables true disruption and discovery when data is being generated from multiple end-points.