Re-Usable Packaging Protection

Protection for Re-usable Packaging (Refill Protection)

RUDS technology helps us achieve magic in the field of packaging security by creating per-piece unique non-clonable signature on every application. Our labels cannot be cloned preventing fakes to be branded as original.

Protection against : Counterfeit, Tampering, Refill (packaging re-use) SCoT uses per-piece unique non-clonable encoding (RUDS) combined with the power of Active Intelligence (ScAI) to not deter but also detect counterfeiting. Counterfeiting in itself is a serious impact to any organization and its customers. Re-use of original product packaging filled with spurious contents becomes the easiest form of impersonation while saving the counterfeiter of even investing in packaging. SCoT security labels when placed appropriately on the product packaging will ensure destruction on the first use, making it impossible to re-use it. Similarly any duplicate label or another original SCoT will be detected, warning the verifying user that the product or its content may be counterfeit. The advanced security encoding technology ensures that every SCoT label comes with per-piece unique encoding/signature.
Disruptive Technology
RUDS creates Unique Digital Signature out of identical labels allowing instant & precise authentication. Security signatures are non-clonable, even by an insider.

Customized Label Design
Brand identify is key and so is look-and-feel. We support customized label embodiment to enhance brand identity along with protection.

Real-time Monitoring
SCoT Management and Tracking Platform (SMTP) allows real-time management, tracking of field events. You get to know - When, Where and by Whom.

Authenticate products at the beat of an eye using our smartphone app in a Fast, Secure and Reliable manner.

Brand Engagement
Digital age is all about engagement. We connect you to product user and consumers establishing B2C Communication, New Product Launch, Survey and much more.

Quantifiable Results
Every brands experience upwards of 20% revenue loss by way of counterfeiting. Experience immediate increase in sales even with the first deployment.

We help customers verify a product instantly and precisely.

Better than an Expert!

Anti-Counterfeit solutions have existed for a long time now. Holograms, their multiple avatars, Taggants, special material, special texture. RFID, NFC are making their way in today' digital world and some even use tracking technologies like barcode and qrcode for anti-counterfeit purpose now that every customer has a smartphone. The problem of Counterfeiting still exists and is only growing faster than before as Counterfeiters are leveraging technology advancement to make clones - only faster and cheaper, this time.

Key factors that makes a technology completely counterfeit proof are

  • Non Clonable - Cannot be copied and easily detectable when copied.
  • Verifiability - Enable authenticatation for Everyone, Everywhere without the need of special device, education/learning, expertise.
  • Tracking - Do not let gut feel, surveys and third party paint a picture for you. Nothing beats undiluted first hand information.

SCoT - Disruptive Innovation

The key disruption of RUDS technology is that it is completely insider proof, even we cannot replicate the unique signature. 

SCoT empowers authentication at your fingertips using a smartphone. It allows for instant and precise authentication without needing any special knowledge or product expertise. Real-time reporting enables you to take charge of the situation immediately, post-mortem only aids research, not revenue. Let unknown and mis-reporting (unintentional or with malicious intention) be a thing of past. Experience Reality as it is happens.

Don't let chance dictate Brand Goodwill and Revenue. Take charge and empower your Brand and Customers!

Multi factor security anti counterfeit technology
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Increase your sales, reduce support cost and improve brand image

Security of Things (SCoT)

Security of Things (SCoT)