Color Detection & Measurement

Accurate Color Detection is a Challenge.

Using a smartphone, even more so.


Colorimetre (French for Color meter) is a unique app for real-time color detection on a smartphone. It is useful to get color details on-the-go by simply by pointing your camera. It can recognize millions of shades, and can name 1300 shades by name. Colorimetre will serve as an useful tool for designers, color specialists, front end developers, and color blind peoples.


  • Real-time color detection.
  • High accuracy across all lighting condition
  • Support various color schemes such as RGB, HSV, HEX, etc.
  • Recognize over 1300 shades of color by name.
  • Turn Flash on and off in low lights.
  • Pinch to zoom.
  • Customizable result view.
  • Switch between cameras (Rear and Front).
  • Automatic brightness calibration.