Forensic Covert Security with ScAI

ScAI Security scan of MOOI Cosmetics Product Label.

Invisible Fingerprint on Packaging

Unseen, yet Unbreakable

High volume production processes demand packaging security without operational overhead. Introducing ScAI, a covert (invisible) fingerprint technology that adds security to your product label at pre-press level. Like a vaccine, ScAI serves as the invisible protection for your brand and packaging.

Covert Security Integration

ScAI offers a cutting-edge solution for covert security in packaging, ensuring that every product is secured with an invisible security feature.

Embedded Unique Fingerprinting

Each unit, batch, and SKU utilizing ScAI technology contains an uniquely embedded fingerprint making it impossible to replicate or bypass the security measures.

Compatibility Across Printing Technologies

ScAI is compatibility with various printing technologies, including Flexographic, Rotogravure, Industrial Inkjet, and Digital printers. Businesses can seamlessly integrate ScAI into their existing production processes without any disruptions.

User-Friendly Verification

ScAI empowers consumers, supply chain professionals, and brand inspectors to quickly and accurately authenticate products using the ScAI app.

Forensic Security for Consumer Products.

Boost your Brand Protection with ScAI today.