Easy as hologram, but exponentially better

A global economy brings it share of advantages and challenges.


The growth of Counterfeit trade volume is estimated at 1.77Tr USD per-annum. This is not only phenomenal by its sheer size, it is also growing annually at a rate most brands would do anything for !


SCoT - Multi-Factor Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection Packaging Security Technology.


SCoT uses tags that generate per-piece unique digital signature (RUDS) while using identical labels. These unique signature are acquired (auto generated) only after they are applied to a product or packaging.

Each acquired unique signature is registered on central server. This portal (SMTP) is available only to authorized brand protection team anywhere globally.  For mass production and 24x7 operation needs, a high speed Machine Vision system can be used.


Every authentication event in field is automatically transferred to our secured Management & Tracking portal (SMTP), providing real-time happening in the field, in the comfort of your office.

While it is difficult to re-create tags that are similar to original ones visually, our intelligent system detects without additional effort on your part. The tags can be applied on surface type - metal, PET, while have no interference in operation from electrical and magnetic field.


SCoT uses proprietary RUDS technology to auto-generate per piece unique digital signature on application of sticker on product or packaging. This disruptive technology ensures that every application, even with same label on the same package, generates a different signature which makes it a very powerful application to detect tampering.

Label/Tag can be customized to suit branding, temperature or sustainability and surface/substrate requirement. These help provide a very powerful weapon against label re-use, tampering.

Other Built-in Features

  • Warranty fraud detection
  • Field / Brand Protection Audit
  • Sales returns
  • Product recall
  • Endpoint customer identification
  • Marketing - Branding, Promotions, Customer education


that even we can NOT beat it on our best days.


Lean Deployment Approach

  • Phase-wise Deployment
  • Minimal changes to your packaging line
  • Modular & Scalable Solution


Lean Deployment

Increase Sales - Reduce Support Cost - Engage Consumers - Track Brand Visibility

together ONLY using SCoT

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