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Label or Image, Smartphone App and Centralized Tracking platform constitute the technologies powering SCoT.


A unique signature is generated on application of SCoT label. This random signature needs to be captured using our proprietary software available in a smartphone App and industrial machine vision system. The software processes the image of the label followed by running it through a computational model. The model generates the signature which is a mathematical representation which is sent to the server as Registration Data.

During verification the above process is followed to capture the signature from the image. It is then compared to the stored (registered) signature on the tracking server in mathematical form. If the signature compares exactly to the one stored during registration process, the verification is marked as PASS.

The result of verification along with additional details like date, time, place and few other details are captured automatically and stored on the server for tracking and audit purpose. The verifying user is shown details customized to brand’ need from an engagement and promotional purpose. The details captured during verification purpose can be customized to brand owners’ requirement while being compliant to local regulatory norms.

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