Can SCoT be used on high speed packaging lines

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SCoT provides pre-registered labels which can be used in label or image format. This makes the application similar to that of hologram, only that this is highly secure and also provides tracking.


RUDS-PRO and RUDS-PAYPR are available in pre-registered form. Each image is generated uniquely with different signature. The randomness of physical application is simulated on a computer to generate a unique image which is then passed through a registration process, similar to the one using the smartphone app. The details are stored on the centralized tracking server in de-activated form. If the labels were to be authenticated at this time, the behavior would be similar to that of an unregistered label showing up as ‘Counterfeit/Unknown label’.

A authorized personnel would at a certain frequency after use of the label need to activate the used labels on the tracking server. The tracking and management server provides the ability to activate (or deactivate) one or multiple labels as a bulk operation ensuring operational efficiency.

SCoT tracking and management server, aka SMTP, also provides the ability to add metadata to each unit or label. This metadata can be displayed to the user during authentication process or just maintained for internal use.

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