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Digitizing Packaging Security

NOOS Technologies is an IP based organization Digitizing Packaging Security. SCoT connects physical brand assets to a secured cloud platform by using three pieces of technology, namely - passive Label/Tag, Smartphone App & Cloud Track-Trace platform. SCoT leverages RUDS technology to digitize per-piece unique non-clonable signature for physical asset.

RUDS - The Game Changer Packaging Security Technology

Passive label or tags of SCoT are identical while manufacturing with no overt or covert signature. Once these are applied on a product or packaging, our smartphone App converts these dumb stickers to intelligent stickers using RUDS algorithm. Every interaction with the label using the App will create an event that is immediately transmitted to Track-Trace platform for complete audit trail.

The key driver for RUDS is in its ability to auto create or auto force new signatures with every application of label. This ensures that even if our tamper evident stickers were to be removed in single piece and reapplied on the same asset, a new signature is generated. The resulting mismatch of the new signature from the original registered signature raises an alert in the next authentication signifying attempt of tampering of asset.

The uniqueness of RUDS technology enables its application across wide variety of use cases like Anti-counterfeit, Tamper evidence, Warranty fraud detection. While SCoT is an advanced technology in physical packaging security space, we enable single-key authentication to end consumers using their smartphone - instantly & precisely.

SCoT can also be leveraged for Product recall, handling Sales returns among other use cases all tightly coupled with Track-Trace platform. 


NOOS Technologies, a privately held company, appreciates interest from investor (Individual & Institutional) towards a shared goal of Counterfeit free world. Investor query should be directed to