Evolution of Brand Protection Technology and Technique

Easy as hologram, but exponentially better


Make sure that time and money is well spent.

Counterfeit landscape at a glance

We will be exploring the brand protection technologies used since the recorded time and their evolution over the years. We will take note that brands have taken to digital media with time for marketing purpose. We have though failed to see similar approach in counterfeit protection, tamper evidence and warranty fraud solutions. Hologram or their near relatives continue to be engaged even though hologram happen to be the easiest to replicate today, accurately.

Marketing helps improve top-line, but losing 20% or more of revenue to counterfeiters is no mean fact to ignore. In fact, counterfeiting has bigger long term impact leading to loss of brand goodwill, an intangible asset yet one that makes or breaks a brand.

Fakes have permeated all aspects of our lives. Luxury / Accessories, Pharmaceutical products, Auto spares, Electrical and Electronic gadgets, home use products like water purifier, spares are few examples. Even food items like fake Rice are being sold in the many markets today.

Customers continues to survive the onslaught of duplicate products, brick instead of a phone and even fake water filter spares. The perpetrators though are having a field day as brands continue to play safe and they continue to stay safe in their game.

We hope brands take note before it becomes a do or die situation, beyond recovery.

duplicates being detected at country borders
Image courtesy - Economist

Evolution into Digital age is critical for brand survival

Fakes do get into the strong hold of law enforcement agency. This is though only the tip of the iceberg which is well understood by the brand protection team. They continue to explore advanced technologies to make it impossible to create copies. The side effect though is that even their customer's fail to verify, resulting in the purchase of counterfeit goods, nullifying the deployment of such techniques.

The holy grail and need of the hour is to use a technology that is both impossible to duplicate and also ease to authenticate. With decreasing attention span of consumers, ability to do so instantly, precisely and in an automated manner is becoming critical.

Our understanding of these needs, experience in the anti-counterfeit & track-trace industry led us to build SCoT. A digital age product with the non-clonable physical tag/sticker providing instant, precise and fully automated authentication.

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