Kylie Cosmetics and counterfeits: When Beauty Betrays

Some of the dupes of Kylie Cosmetics have been traced by the police

Kylie cosmetics took the female population by storm with dazzling launches since 2014, so much so that it made Kylie Jenner the world’s youngest billionaire at a remarkably young age of 21.

Although, this reputation did come with rivals. No, these rivals aren’t our sister James Charles’ celebrity line of makeup or the infamous Fenty Beauty by Riri. They are mere counterfeits that use cheap, uncertified, and harmful formulae that mimic the original product. 

Extreme cases of lips sticking together using the “innocently pleasant scented” gloss to deceiving eye shadow palettes smelling like paint have gone viral over the web. Swollen lips, irritated skin, and massive disappointments are what these fake products gave to many young girls. Jenner often retweeted these complaints warning her fans to stay away from counterfeits.

According to the report from the U.K.’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) back in 2015, they found everything from arsenic to mercury in counterfeit foundations, lip glosses, and mascaras

You achieving a great deal from presumably trusted resellers on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay might often be a trap. Websites like appear legitimate, but Jenner has called it out and warned fans not to be duped. There are dozens of Facebook groups aimed at kids who may be unable to tell the difference between real and phony.

Kylie Cosmetics is expensive, but it is not worth buying fakes online. Mindful purchases will save you from health hazards and regrets. Damaged skin and permanent scars and unpleasant rashes are what you want to avoid at all costs.

Most brands today employ some form of anti-counterfeit solutions to protect consumers like you from such tragic incidents and threats. As consumers, you have the right to make sure that brands are just as committed to safeguarding you by using trustworthy anti-counterfeit solutions.

Opting for anti-counterfeit technology within your supply chain offers a more streamlined and proactive strategy. This technology safeguards your brand effectively and simplifies the process by minimizing potential counterfeit threats before they escalate.

You can ensure a promising defense against unauthorized cloning by integrating anti-counterfeit technology.


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