Passport Scams and Identity Thefts

Passport scams Identity theft

Passport Scams and Identity Thefts

Unknown scenarios related to Passport forgeries and Scams and the Solution

Passport scans are the images of the ID page of the passport that contains the details about the passport holders as well the passport ID number and these images are used by fraudsters to create Bank Accounts under a false identity. Opening bank accounts require only two checks, filling forms and submitting document copies, which is made available easily through these scams. This is a loophole in the banking systems. Online Payment gateways, Cryptocurrency exchanges that require only submitting one of the documents are the primary victim of these scams.

These passport scans are available for buying online for as cheap as 20$. This makes a case for identity theft, bank fraud and loan fraud. 

Bank drops:

Some banks and other financial institutions that only require two pieces of identification to open a new account are primary target. With a stolen passport and driver’s license, for example, fraudsters can open accounts and collect the signup rewards in the victim’s name, or use the account as a mule to cash out on other illegal transactions. This is called a “bank drop” scam, and it can implicate the victim in other crimes.

We surmise that real scans are more effective than Photoshopped counterfeits for bank drop scams.

An authentic passport costs from 10000$ to 15000$ on the dark web, while passport scans are affordable and easy to obtain.

Protecting your passports is very difficult for travellers as passports are scanned everywhere even the immigration lines, hotels also scan passport for identity proof. This is a very common area where fraudsters are prominently stealing the data. Eventually, all these passports scans are saved on some systems that are also vulnerable. We can imagine a hotel receptionist, exchanging all this data for even a little amount of money. The source of the information leak would be difficult to trace.

 The primary most level of safety is in the hands of the Passport Holder. People should make sure they that the people they are giving their details too are trustworthy or not. Also people should never post pictures of the inside of their passport on Social Media.

However, NOOS Technologies has a solution for the above problem. SCoT is a label by NOOS technologies that can be applied to these passports or documents in order to ensure that even if the copies of these documents are taken, the real signature of the label is not copied. Due to the proprietary technology of SCoT, it is not possible to copy the signature as it is randomly generated. SCoT is an all in one solution for passport image scans and such cases of documentation forgeries or identity theft through IDs.

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