Knowledge Series 2- Microdots (Episode 2)

Microdots and varied applications

Microdots- Competitive Advantages , Disadvantages and what is a better solution?

Comparison of technologies in this field and what is a more sustainable and supply chain friendly solution.

Advantages of Microdots

  1. Implementation is aimed at providing a Covert technology that is only accessed by intended recipients.
  2. Even when the vehicle is dismantled into parts each of the parts will contain one or more microdots due to the spraying process.
  3. The cost of application and the process can be justified by the high-value assets it is being used for protection.
Microdots enlarged image

Disadvantages of Microdots

  1. Manual Process of applications is not regular as compared to the automated process, a component can unknowingly be left out that component cannot be traced back in case of a theft.
  2. It is not an automated process, therefore, takes time for application of microdots along with the adhesive.
  3. Cannot be easily determined, when ease of action does not come handy it creates a barrier in the implementation.
  4. Microdots are may be beneficial in this scenario but are certainly not the answer to theft and counterfeit in a variety of products.
  5. Along with the demerit of the process of application, the process of verification is tedious as well as expensive when it comes to microdots being only visible in Ultraviolet light.
  6. Data represented in Microdots is a piece of static information, which has data constraints as well as cannot be changed over a period of time.
Multi factor packaging security
The solution needed in this case should be a product of automated application, should have regulated as well as simplified for both application and authentication method.
The solution can be implemented at any scale at any level of packing and should contain both covert and overt features.


SCoT is a solution to problems like tracking, unique identification, Brand protection. SCoT label can be printed on any surface and any material in order to solve on these issues. It can be applied at various levels of packaging, Primary, Secondary as well as Tertiary level. It has the efficiency of application as well as authentication with the ease of implementation. Using SCoT labels whenever the label is scanned the company can get to know that the product has been authenticated, this works as a medium of tracking of the product as well. No physical or static data is stored on the label hence there is no constraint for data being stored.

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